Auto Detail Masters
Auto Detail Masters is excited about getting your vehicle looking fantastic
inside and out!
We are committed to making certain that your entire experience with us from
setting the appointment to driving away in your beautiful car is a positive one.

On the day of your appointment, here is a little info to help ensure we get off
to a smooth start.

1) Be sure to remove everything you can from your vehicle so we can do a complete job cleaning the
Remove coins and misc items from the cup holders etc so that we can thoroughly clean that
area. Also please
do not leave any valuables in your vehicle such as ipods, ipads, etc. We cannot be
held responsible for any lost items.  Please be assured that your vehicle is safe with us and we are the most
honest detailers around. We have, on many occasions, found cash in the cars under the seats and have
always returned the money to our surprised and happy clients.  There have been few occasions over the
years when clients insisted that they had a missing item from their car but later found the item at home.  We
have a very close family-crew and and your vehicle will be in very good hands but appreciate you keeping
valuables at home.

2) Our specialist will go over the work that is planned and point out any extra
work that may not be covered in your package that you might want us to add
on to the service (for a fee).  

Please be sure to point out anything that is important to you that you would like to make sure we put special
effort into (e.g. soda explosion on the interior roof, or the stain on the back seat, etc.).

3) If you have a "drop-dead" time that you must pick up your car by, please let us know prior to your
appointment day.  In addition, please advise the detail specialist of this time when you drop off your vehicle
that day.
 Plan on leaving your vehicle for about 2-3 hours with us.  

We will let you know what time your vehicle will be ready for pick up when you drop it off. Unless we call you to
change that time (earlier or later), you can plan to pick up your vehicle at the time specified. Please keep in
mind that
we close at 5pm and your vehicle must be picked up by then unless other arrangements are made
with the shop manager.

4) Leave the rest to us....go enjoy Waikiki, or Ala Moana center and we'll see you when your vehicle is ready
to be picked up!

We look forward to taking your car from dull to dazzling!  See you on your appointment day!
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Drop off Instructions for Appointment Day
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Some of this info is meant for clients dropping vehicles
to our shop.  Not all of it applies for mobile service