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We take pride in our work
The bottom line is this.
We want you to be happy and not only come back but tell your friends
how great we are.

The truth of the matter is, when a business or business owner has
served over 10,000 clients and has been involved in tens of
thousands of details like we have over the years  You simply can't still
be around if you're not doing a quality job for your clients.  With that
being said, there are going to be days when things just don't go the
way we want them to.  We always want you to leave happy but on the
(hopefully) rare occasion that you find this not to be the case, this is
when our
100% satisfaction guarantee is most appreciated by our

Our promise to you is that if after you leave our shop and perhaps
the next day you decide that you're just not completely satisfied,
happy or whatever adjective you want to use here.

We will completely redo your vehicle for free at your convenience!  
We'll even let you wait until it's dirty again so you can essentially get a
free detail for your inconvenience.
We've actually over the years met some off our most loyal and happy
clients on the days when things were not at our normal 100%

We believe that this guarantee says a lot about our commitment to
doing a quality job for you the first time.  Although as stated above, we
won't stop until you are happy no matter what it takes, I can assure
you we don't want to redo anything for free and because of this we
have learned to get it right the first time, and create an environment in
which we are not stressed out and cramming every last car in to every
day to maximize our profit at any cost.
(Been there done that)

Give us a shot at your business.  You won't be disappointed, however
if you are for any reason........(see above gaurantee_
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